Office Policies

Appointments: Our office works on an appointment basis. Your referring physician will receive priority scheduling for his patients when they are referred to our practice. We will do our best to see that your appointment will be with the doctor of your choice and, as much as possible, he will see you and follow you throughout your treatment. However, particularly if you are hospitalized, you may be seen by all of our doctors. We feel strongly that satisfactory medical care depends on a relationship of confidence and trust between the physician and patient. We strongly encourage you to feel completely free to ask questions about your medical care. It is important for you to understand what is being done and why.

We make every effort to adhere to our daily schedules; however, due to telephone calls, hospital emergencies, etc., we will occasionally fall behind in our schedules. We will make every effort to notify you when we are aware our physicians will be late. Occasionally, we will need to reschedule patients. We request your indulgence and cooperation whenever this occurs.

Emergencies: Our office policy is to schedule any patient who feels that his or her problem needs immediate attention, or when another physician wants a patient seen the same day. Emergencies will be handled as expeditiously as possible. This prevents expensive visits to the emergency rooms and “walk-in clinics”.

Telephone (692-9898): During the day, our staff will take information from the caller and relate this information to the physicians. When possible, the doctor will then make the appropriate disposition or prescribe the appropriate medications, which we will call to your pharmacy.

As we receive a great number of calls each day, it is impossible for the doctor or nurse to personally talk with every patient. If, however, you feel that it is necessary to talk to the physician, just let the receptionist know and she will have the doctor call you.

At times, it is impossible to make a decision about a problem over the telephone, and you will be asked to come in to be seen. This is to ensure proper treatment. If you find it necessary to contact the doctor after office hours, please call the Physicians’ Exchange number (309)655-0374 and leave a message. Your call will be answered at the earliest opportunity. Please limit these calls to emergencies only.

Prescriptions and Refills: For your safety, we will refill medications only during office hours when your medical records are available for review. If you are on chronic or longterm medication, you should anticipate your needs. You may be advised that an appointment is necessary before more medication can be prescribed.

You can now receive your medications at the time of treatment during your regular office visit. Come and see our new prescription dispensing area. Save time, start your medication immediately and feel better faster!

The process is easy. Simply present your prescription insurance card to the front desk. If you are enrolled in a participating prescription benefit program, you can receive your medications in our office today. If you have any questions regarding our prescription dispensing area please feel free to contact our office.

Patient Education and Prevention: Our office provides patients with many brochures about different diseases. These are free. Our goal is to help patients better understand and control their diseases, which in turn reduces their medical costs.

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