Physician Training

Platelet Rich Plasma and Shockwave Therapy Training for Sexual Wellness

Learn the intricate details of what makes Dr. Banno the leading expert on Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and Shockwave Therapy in the field of sexual medicine.

Semi-Private Small Group Training 
Wednesday evening- Live Patient Seminar
Learn how to present a powerful presentation that you can implement into your own practice.

Thursday morning- Breakfast and Didactics
Includes the introduction of PRP, mechanism of action, review of articles published, clinical applications and how to talk about PRP to your patients and staff.

Thursday- Hands-on Clinical Training on PRP injections and Shockwave Therapy
This unique experience is in the heart of a day’s live practice.

Through these semi-private trainings, you will understand the importance of office flow, medical assistant and staff protocols, patient scheduling, patient consulting, equipment and tools necessary to process PRP, how to inform the patient about these procedures and follow up treatment plans.

Shockwave Therapy is part of Dr. Banno’s PRP protocol, you will understand the mechanisms of both PRP and Shockwave and learn how to treat the patient for the ultimate outcome.

One clinical or non-clinical staff member may attend for an additional fee (MA, Lab Tech, Business/Marketing Mngr.)

Additional training on Penile Duplex Ultrasound is available on Wednesday 10am – 4pm.

Training Details

  • Semi-private training limited to 1-3 practitioners
  • Wednesday evening live patient seminar on PRP/Shockwave for Sexual Wellness
  • Dinner Wednesday evening
  • Thursday morning breakfast and didactics
  • Thursday hands-on training during a live, typical office day
    • Learn the importance of office flow
    • Medical Assistant and staff protocols
    • Patient scheduling
    • Patient consultation
    • Before and after treatment protocols
    • Equipment training on PRP
    • Equipment training on Shockwave
  • Procedure Manual
    • Procedure instructions and protocols
    • Research articles
    • Information on equipment and devices


For more information contact Tami Banno,


Testosterone Pellet Injection Training

Saturday’s, 8.30am- 1pm. (This training is for MD’s and DO’s only)

For more information contact Dr. Banno,


Penile Implant Surgery Training for Urologists

Training begins Monday evening with dinner and didactics introducing a minimal invasive technique plus marketing strategies that will help you in your practice. Tuesday morning surgery. Training is limited to 1-2 surgeons.

Penile Implants: For more information, contact Dr. Banno directly,



“Dr. Joseph Banno is known throughout the Urological community as a urologist’s urologist. His care, his attention to detail, and his knowledge was exceptional. I am now building a large practice similar to his using the guidance and expertise from training. – Abraham L Woods, III MD

“Being a urologist, I knew I had the skills for the procedure, but you really provided me with the knowledge to carry them out with great confidence… It was non-stop two days of learning and invaluable experiences.” – Eric Chenven, MD

“Training was totally hands-on; the experience with live patients taught me a wealth of information. I was also impressed my office staff learned what they needed to do with patient preparation and PRP processing – their training is just as important and they did a wonderful job teaching them.” – Greg Andros, MD

“As a PA with experience in regenerative medicine, I was impressed by his comprehensive program which efficiently, ethically, and safely offers physicians a detailed map of how to approach this fascinating and innovating field. Most importantly, his patient’s gratitude proved testimony to the effectiveness of his unique protocol.”  – Elizabeth Bonet, PA