Frequently Asked Questions About The O-SHOT™ and P-SHOT™

The O-Shot™ and P-Shot™ are revolutionary procedures that enhance sexual function in men and women. Keep reading to learn more about these platelet-rich plasma treatments.

Everything You Need to Know About the O-Shot™ and P-Shot™

1. What Is an O-Shot™ and a P-Shot™?

The O-Shot™s and P-Shot™s are non-surgical and non-invasive sexual enhancement procedures. The O-Shot™ or Orgasm Shot is the sexual dysfunction treatment offered to women. The P-Shot™ or Priapus Shot is the treatment for men. Both treatments use the patient’s own blood platelets to activate growth factors that rejuvenate sexual function.

Growth Factors Definition: (for sexual function) substances that bring in new blood vessels and stem cells to the sex organ to enhance sensitivity and promote cellular regeneration

2. How Does The O-Shot™ and P-Shot™ Work?

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The O-Shot™ and P-Shot™ use platelet-rich plasma (PRP) drawn from the patient’s own blood.

The blood goes through two stages of centrifugation wherein the platelet-poor plasma and red blood cells are separated from the needed platelet-rich plasma.

The PRP, which contains a high concentration of bioactive proteins, triggers the release of growth factors that activate stem cells. The stem cells, in turn, encourage cellular regeneration and speed up tissue repair.

Centrifugation Definition: A technique that uses a rotational force on substances to separate particles based on density, size, shape, and other factors.

Stem cells Definition: Special cells that can turn into different kinds of cells, depending on where they are placed, to repair damaged or aging tissues.

3. What Happens During My Appointment?

It’s a relatively quick procedure and it only involves a few steps:

  • A medical professional draws your blood.
  • A medical professional extracts the PRP from the blood.
  • A doctor applies local anesthetic cream to the penis or vagina and injects the PRP into the body part’s most responsive areas for arousal — usually, near the clitoris and on the upper part of the vagina, among women, and the penis, among men.

4. Do I Need to Come Back for Follow-Up Appointments?

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Patients who opt for the O-Shot™ or P-Shot™ don’t have to get another shot for about 12 months. This may vary if the treatment is done together with other treatments (ex: shockwave therapy).

5. Is the O-Shot™ or P-Shot™ Safe?

Since the PRP is extracted from the patient’s own blood, it alleviates the risk of:

  • Allergic reactions
  • Rejection
  • Skin sensitivity

PRP has been used in the fields of wound healing, dentistry, and sports injuries. It has now evolved to address aesthetic concerns and physiological dysfunctions. PRP is one of the most advanced, effective, and natural treatments for cellular rejuvenation throughout the body.

6. Does the Procedure Hurt?

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Patients experience little to no pain. A medical professional will apply local anesthetic cream on the area and wait for it to take effect before administering the injections.

7. How Long Does Each Shot Last?

The effects of the shots typically last up to one year.

8. Will There Be Any Restrictions or Downtime After Each Shot?

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You can be sexually active post procedure since there is no downtime after the procedure.

9. Are There Any Side Effects?

Unlike many of the other solutions for sexual dysfunction, the O-Shot™ and P-Shot™ do not have side effects such as an increased risk for strokes, headaches, heart attacks, or erections that may last for hours.

10. Are the O-Shot™ or P-Shot™ Covered by Health Insurance?

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No. The O-Shot™ or P-Shot™ are considered as elective procedures and are not covered by most health insurance providers.

11. Where can I get O-Shot™ or P-Shot™?

Here at Midwest Urology, our doctors are trained in delivering the O-Shot™ or P-Shot™. We service midwest patients of Illinois. Our offices are located in Peoria, Illinois and Perkin, Illinois. Patients from other areas are treated as well. Simply contact us at (309) 692-9898 for more details.

The human body has a remarkable capacity to heal itself. So, instead of considering surgery as your first solution to treat sexual dysfunction, why not try to harness the body’s innate healing ability?

The O-Shot™ and P-Shot™ treatments are quick, safe, and non-surgical procedures that may be worth considering.

Is this something you’re interested in? Get in touch with our trusted doctors today!

Frequently Asked Questions About The O-SHOT™ and P-SHOT™
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